Message to dads

My message to all the dads who are trying to make a change. The change is to spend more time with your children.   As a co-single parent father, I understand that life can present many issues to distance us from our kids.  Break-ups, divorce and the lost of a parent are some of the reasons we find ourselves faced with raising our kids in more than one home.  Break-ups and divorce are the most popular causes of single parenthood and make spending time with your children more difficult because of the emotions involved. I’m divorced and seeing my son had some challenges, but not seeing him was not an option.  Below I list some things that I had to deal with and maybe they will help you.  Spend time with your children before they grow up, fight to be in their lives. They will respect you for it later in their lives.

Things you should know about raising your child:

  1. You are doing all you do for your child.
  2. This is not about you and the mom. (act like grown people, work past your issues for  your children)
  3. Prepare yourself to lose disagreements, even when you’re right. (it not about winning, it’s about the children)
  4. manage your anger, walk away, then return after calming down.
  5. Do everything you can for the best interest of the child, not out of spite. ( do not compete with your ex)
  6. Spend a much time with your child as possible
  7. Take your child to places that are free, if money is an issue. (park, library, book store, mall play area, dollar movie or for a drive)
  8. Talk to your child when you are together. Tell them about you, ask them about things they do.  find what you both have in common.
  9. Sacrifice for them.  Don’t use negative words, profanity, listen to adult music and watch shows that are not age appropriate.  If they are visiting for the weekend, you can record your shows and watch them later.
  10. Let your child know that you will always be there for them. Mean it.  Don’t break dates with your kids. Always show up. It will mean the world to them.

Those are some tips that I know will help.  Feel free to ask questions and seek additional advice.


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