A Typical Weekend

20 May 2012

Welcome to Missing my dad audio blog.  This week we’re talking about what a typical weekend looks like with us. Mark Jr. will talk about the movie of the week,  the end of school and what happen in the park today.  Mark Sr came up with ten  things dad’s can do with the kids, if he doesn’t have lots of money.  We hope you join the show.

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Dads I promised you a photo editor for your digital pictures. Here it is:

FastStone Image Viewer Editor

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First Show

12 May 2012

Welcome to our first show.  We hope you enjoy what we are attempting to do.  We hope that you will share our audio blog with your friends and families with children.  Our goal is to bring kids closer to their dads.  We would appreciate your feedback on the show.  Please use our contact page to send your comments.




4 February 2012

Welcome to Missing  My Dad,

We want you to have fun talking about the things you enjoy most doing with your dad.  My dad, who you see in the pictures with me , he is a lot of fun. We do all kinds of things that I will tell you about later.  I asked him to create this website so I could share stories with kids like you.  Okay here’s how the site works.  You have to register to make comments, so get permission from your mom, dad or the adult you live with to make sure it’s okay.  You will need an e-mail address and your name, that’s all it takes.  After registering, your password will arrive by email. You may need to check the “spam” mail if it not in your inbox. Once you get your email, just log-in and  join me as I talk about what dad and I do each week.  You can also share your stories with me.  See you inside the website…


Mark Jr.